Advent Devotional: Fulfillment

Advent Devotionals

Psalm 72 is described as being “of Solomon.” Now, whether that means written by Solomon or written about Solomon is up for debate.

In some ways, you can see how this Psalm could be David’s hope and prayer for Solomon. This Psalm talks about a king whose kingdom reigns from “sea to sea” and “to the ends of the earth.” This is the kind of king whose power is unmatched, unrivaled, and unending.

This is a king that other kings bow down before. This is what Davide was promised…that God, Himself, would establish One from his line that would sit on the throne, forever. is Kingdom would have no end.

And when you read the Old Testament, you’re tempted for just a second to believe that Solomon was the answer. He was, after all, a great king. Under his rule, Israel prospered politically and economically. The height of Solomon’s reign was a Golden Age for the nation; a seeming answer to his father’s prayer.

But the prosperity of Solomon was short-lived. And His prosperity came at the expense of many of his people–through relentless taxation and social injustice. Furthermore, Solomon’s great political success came at the cost of his own spiritual corruption. Solomon was not the answer.

This prayer went unanswered for hundreds and hundreds of years.

But in Jesus, we see the King in Psalm 72. He is a King that not only has tremendous, unrivaled power from “sea to sea,” over death, itself. We see the King that rules with God’s own justice. In Him is God’s very righteousness. His judgment is true.

He’s a King that delivers the poor. He crushes the oppressor, out of His great compassion for the helpless. The blood of the needy is precious in His sight. He is their protector. The prosperity of His Kingdom is for them. It is for all people, over every status, of every nation. His reign means abundance and peace, blessing for the world.

Advent is the celebration of our King’s arrival.

Blessed Be the LORD God, the God of Israel, who alone does wondrous things! For the prayers of David, the son of Jesse, are answered.

In Jesus’ name,


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