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Volunteers Needed!

Are you interested in serving as a volunteer for the Best Practices Ministry Conference on Feb. 22-24? We need your help to host a conference with a couple thousand guests. Sign up here!

The areas we need help include the following:

1. Drivers-Drive the van to pick up our hotel guests and bring them to the conference. (John Fernandez)

2. Parking-assist in our parking lots to make sure cars park in a way that makes the best use of space. (John Fernandez)

3. Registration-Welcome our guests on Thursday morning as they receive their nametags and information. (Grace Turney)

4. Greeters- help our guests feel welcome and answer questions. (Jeff Schrank)

5. Meal Teams- We will have a meal team for Lunch Thursday, Dinner Thursday, Lunch Friday, Dinner Friday and Lunch Saturday. (Various team leaders)

6. Sweets and Treats- Keep our snacks and sweet treats supplied throughout the day (Julia and Dave Schmidt, Kay Siebert)

7. Barista –keep the coffee bar supplied. (looking for a leader)

8. Exhibitor Set-up- This happens Wednesday evening as our exhibitors find their space in the exhibit area. (Joyce Schrank)

9. Exhibitor Sign-in Thursday morning – (Susan Burke)

10.Tidy Team-bathrooms. (Mary Gehring)

11.Clean up Crew – Keep the campus clean, wipe tables after meals, trash pick-up (Joanne and Dave Gustafson)

12.Set-up-This is also happening on Wednesday after school lets out. (Show up and you’ll be put to work)

13.Clean-up- Saturday from 3 until 6 We need lots of hands to get the campus cleaned up. (all hands-on deck for this)

14.Volunteer Check-in – make sure the volunteers have their nametags and know where to go to get busy!

(Wendy Walt)

15. Provide Housing-Hotel costs have risen and some of our guests might need a place to stay for a couple of nights! (talk to Pastor Jeff or Joyce)

We will also have a signup and volunteer information table on the patio each Sunday. Look for the orange tablecloth!!

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