CCL “Life Team”

CCL Life Team

CCL “Life Team”

The Supreme Court decision overturning Roe V. Wade did happen and for many people, this decision brings fear and anger for those who are pro-life, thanksgiving and praise for legal protection for the pre-born. 

 How can we as the church respond to the needs of the woman in a crisis pregnancy and to our friends and family who might not understand the biblical view of the sanctity of human life?  

Pregnancy Resource Centers have been providing support, care, and valuable information for women for many years. I had the great privilege of being a director of a Crisis Pregnancy Center in 1986. That is actually where I met Jeff who was a volunteer at the center. Christians have been on the front lines of providing and caring for women and their babies for many years and the need continues.

Helping with this issue can take many forms. These are the initial ideas as we start our own life team here at CCL.

1)      Provide teaching, studies, speakers, and information to equip members to speak to their neighbors and friends and to engage the topic with biblical truth.

2)      Start a support group for women who are pregnant and single to walk alongside them. There is an organization called “Embrace Grace” that provides the materials and resources to do this. If you are interested in attending a meeting with Embrace Grace organizers on August 21 from 5 to 7 pm at Gateway Church, please contact Joyce Schrank.

3)      Start a ministry of healing and grace for those who have experienced an abortion or have been involved in an abortion decision. The message of God’s unconditional healing and mercy is truly the only answer to provide the peace that passes understanding in Jesus.

These are a few ideas that we can begin to put into action this fall. If you feel called to be involved in this ministry, we will have a sign-up table at our ministry fair coming up in September.   If you want to attend the Embrace Grace meeting on August 21, email   

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