Life Team Forming this Fall

CCL Life Team

The US supreme court will soon be making a decision that has the country in turmoil. With the possibility that Roe V Wade might be overturned, the conversation about the issue is only going to get more heated and more divided. 

As bible believing Christians, we acknowledge that human life begins at conception and that each life is valued and made in the image of God. No matter what the Court’s decision is, the church has an important role to play. Our voice needs to be heard by those who are confused, scared, and unsure.

If you are interested in joining with other Christians to grow in the ability to speak the truth in love and to find ways that we as the church can serve and support single moms and those who face uncertainty when faced with a pregnancy, or to support those who have been impacted by abortion with the gospel message of God’s healing and forgiveness please email Joyce Schrank.

Please include your name and contact number.

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