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What Mission Opportunities Do We Offer? 

MOST Ministries provides opportunities for people to be strategically and personally involved in mission work through “Goer” and “Sender” activities.
A “Goer” is someone who joins a short-term mission team. With Christ as our example, each MOST Ministries team strives to address the physical and spiritual needs of people.
A “Sender” is someone who contributes their time, talent, or treasure to help our mission team members go out to serve. Senders:
• Collect eyeglasses
• Collect or provide other mission supplies
• Provide prayer support
• Provide financial support

Where Do Mission Teams Go?

Each year MOST Ministries receives numerous team requests from across the globe. Our teams serve in rural and urban settings and locations ranging from coastal plains to mountainous regions, from Detroit to Mongolia. MOST Ministries has served on five continents and in 50+ countries.

What Do Mission Teams Do?

Teams minister to the physical and spiritual needs of people. Projects include: Clean Water Outreach, Construction, Dental Clinics, English Camp, Eyeglass Clinics, Health Education, Medical Clinics, Music and/or Sports Camp, ministries for Women, Men and Youth and more. Programs expand every year as new requests are received from the mission field. We carefully and prayerfully consider requests and offer those which will enhance the strategic plans of the mission field and expand local pastors’ and missionaries’ capacity to reach their goals.

Who Joins Mission Teams?

Individuals and groups form teams. “Organizational Teams” consist of people all from the same organization such as a church, school, family, district, circuit, small group, or other assembly. “Individual Teams” consist of people from all over or several small groups. The minimum age for team members with a parent on the team is 12-years old, without a parent on the team, the minimum age is 14. Eighty and ninety-year old individuals have served on numerous mission teams. It is never too late to find a service opportunity that fits you!
Contact Bill Hahn for more information (248-766-7387) or visit
Please donate your used eyeglasses at the church office! Thank you!

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