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Dear MOST Prayer Partners,

Team #2207: Guatemala Medical recently returned from serving in the highlands around Santiago Zamora. In this area, Mayan culture still runs strong. Some still speak Cakchiquel as their first language, and colorful hand-woven garments are still as ubiquitous as the surrounding coffee plantations. We had the privilege of watching a couple weavers at work on exquisite huipils, fajas, and decorative hangings. It is surprisingly arduous work; the weaver sits for hours before her loom on a low stool, hands tirelessly passing the shuttle back and forth to complete gorgeous patterns of flowers, birds, and butterflies.

Like the moving shuttle, many people passed through our clinic. We touched many hands, looked into many eyes, murmured “Dios le bendiga!” to many needy souls, heard Ann give many helpful, culturally appropriate presentations on healthful eating and watched Dr. Patty Peters gently minister to many human ills. We were graciously served hot handmade tortillas and soup prepared by hands that may have taken time from their looms to serve us. Then we boarded a plane and returned to our “normal” lives, knowing that most of the faces imprinted on our minds and our cameras will never again appear before our earthly eyes.

But that is not the end of the story. The Master Weaver holds each one in hands of infinite tenderness and skill. We have become part of their pattern, and they have become part of ours. Woven together in prayer, we are one seamless garment, beautiful in the Father’s eyes, a design patiently executed until the day when we are gathered around the Throne of God and the Lamb. (See Revelation 7) There, familiar faces will come into focus, and the fullness of our stories will be told, all to the glory of God. He full beauty to be revealed will far surpass the most intricate earthly weaving. What a privilege it is to be a strand in God’s eternal design to bring all nations before His Throne of Grace!

A little thread,

Bethel Larsen

MOST Ministries Board and Team Member

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